Key Features

SmartReach Shared Inbox for Sales (New and Improved)

The shared inbox lets you manage more clients from a single login or manage multiple sending inboxes from a single login. Multiple team members can access & reply to emails from one common inbox. Team members, admins or Owners can get reply sentiments, allocate leads within the team or grant access based on team members' roles & responsibilities. Shared Inbox ultimately helps increase transparency, collaboration and productivity of the sales team.

Key Features

1. Categorisation of Prospect & Non-Prospect Replies: Replies from Prospects are categorised separately. SmartReach now has a separate categorisation for mails from non prospects, this way you never miss any reply. For example; your outreach email has been forwarded by you prospect to someone in his team and then that team member replies. In a normal scenario such is reply (mostly positive) is missed (as it is not from a prospect).

2. Reply Sentiment: Auto categorization of positive or negative replies. Showcases health of sales pipeline.

3. Manage multiple email inboxes at one place: Team members can access all inboxes to read and reply to sales inquiries

4. Single Login: Manage sales inboxes of multiple clients without the need to login & logout everytime. Imagine the time saved

5. Qualified Lead Allocation: Assign ownership of positive sales inquiries to team members. Lesser friction over prospect ownership.