Getting Started with AI Content Creation

  1. Write with AI - By choosing "Write with AI" users can generate an AI based content.
  2. Your Draft - This will contain the email draft that you have saved in the content.
  3. Versions - If users are generating multiple versions of an AI content, they will be shown ["AI Content - V1", "AI Content - V2" etc.]
  4. Edit Inputs - Users can edit the inputs they have given like designation, type of email, tone of email & etc.
  5. Add Command - Users can add specific commands like (highlight in bullet points, showcase the pain points, change word limits & etc.)
  6. AI Tool Box - The AI Tool Box contains tools like (fix grammar, shorten, simplify & etc.)
  7. Write Subject Line - On the basis of keywords, or the email content users can generate an AI based subject lines.