Signing up for WarmupHero


Steps to connect WarmupHero with

Step 1: Open Settings -> Team Settings in SmartReach

Step2: Go to Integrations in the Team settings menu

Step3: Scroll down and find the "WarmupHero Key"

Step4: Copy the "WarmupHero Key" from SmartReach and paste it in WarmupHero

What is WarmupHero? How can it help a user in achieving a good email reputation?

WarmupHero is a tool which helps to warm up your email accounts to build a good email reputation so that you can achieve high email deliverability.

WarmupHero automatically sends emails to real users and also receives a response from them.
It’s the process of ramping up your email sending volume slowly, in order to build a good reputation for your email address.

Why is Email warmup a much needed practice in cold emailing?

When a user sets up their fresh email account for an outreach purpose and starts sending emails per day then there are very high chances that the email could be marked as spam as the sending activity is analyzed strictly by the email service providers. So the marketing teams these days use the warmup process which includes sending emails from a new email account, starting with a smaller number, and gradually increasing the number of emails each day.