Add First Email & Follow-Ups

Add First Email

Once you've created your campaign, it's time to add your first email.

Step-1: Click on the Content tab and select Write your first email.

Step-2: This will take you to the email creation screen, where you can write your email subject, preview text, and body.

You can also personalize your email by inserting merge tags(such as the recipient's name or company), emoticons, and personalized images. This adds a personal touch to your emails and can help improve your open and response rates. Once done click on Create Step.

Add Follow-ups

After you've created your first email, it's time to set up your follow-ups. Click on Add another email step to the campaign. This will allow you to create a sequence of follow-up emails that will be automatically sent to your recipients at specified intervals of days.

You can set up multiple follow-ups, each with its own timing and content. As a result, your message will stay at the top of your recipient's inbox and increase your chances of getting a response. Once done click on Create Step.


Important Note:

If a prospect(s) responds to your SmartReach campaign, then in that case further follow-ups that you have scheduled for the particular prospect(s) in that campaign will be automatically stopped.