Setup New Domain In SendGrid

How to setup a new domain in SendGrid

When you are creating a new domain on SendGrid, it is important to make some changes to set your account up for sending emails.

Primarily when you have a domain from which you wish to send emails from SendGrid, you need to set the domain in SendGrid.

Before setting this up, you will be needing access to your DNS Manager account.

Here are the steps involved in the setting up of new domain in SendGrid.

Step 1: After Signing up on SendGrid, you must go to settings --> Sender Authentications

Step 2: Follow the steps in the video in the following link to authenticate your domain on SendGrid:

Step 3: Copy the values in your DNS and save the records.

Step 4 : Once added, in your SendGrid account, Click on Verify.

This should set-up your domain to send emails from Send Grid with Proper authentications

After the set-up you can integrate your SendGrid account on to by following these steps.