Adding A New Client To Your Agency Account gives you the ability to manage all your client accounts from a single agency account. You can add all your client accounts to this account and switch between these different client accounts without having to log in and log out multiple times.

Whenever you log in to an agency account in, you will come to the agency dashboard. From here you can manage your multiple client accounts.

Step1: Goto settings -> Agency settings


Step 2: Go to user Management and click on Create New Team.


Step 3: Give a name to your client and click Create.


Voila!! you have created a new client in agency account. You can manage your client account yourselves or you can invite one of your team members to manage this clients account or you can also invite your client to be a part of this team so that they can access the progress of their campaigns from time to time.


You can learn about inviting team members or even the client here.