Prospect Tags

How to use Tags within

Tags let you group your prospects together both manually and automatically in They’re great for highlighting lists of prospects, important prospects, their responses to your emails, or their activity on your emails.

Where as prospect categories in help you categorise prospects based on their responses and are at a global level, tags help you in categorising not just responses but also many other things. Tags can be perceived as global and at campaign level and each prospect can have multiple tags for them.

How to assign tags to prospects in

Tags can be assigned to prospects both manually and automatically through workflow automation with in

Manually assigning tags to prospects:

You can assign tags to each individual prospect by going to the prospect

Assign a particular Tag and click on Update

You can also assign tags to multiple prospects at a time by selecting the required prospects in the Prospects page

Automatically assigning tags to prospects who qualify a certain criteria :

You can automatically assign tags to Prospects from campaigns who qualify for certain criteria like new reply from a prospect / email opened / link clicked etc.

You can achieve this by going to Settings--> team settings --> workflow automation --> and create workflows accordingly:

Tagging replies of prospects:

You can also tag responses from your prospects by going to Inbox and going to individual response :


You can also add or remove tags by using Zapier integration