Best Practices To Create A Great Cold Email Campaign

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Following the practices below should help you create successful cold emails campaigns:

1 - Checking the email/domain health

Make sure to run a Spam Test, doing this you can figure out if your email account is configured correctly for high deliverability.
Have SPF, DKIM, and DMARC set up properly
You can use reputable blacklist lookup providers that you can use to check whether your domain has been blacklisted.

2 - Targeting the right prospects

Prospecting is very important in cold outreach, ensuring you connect with the right audience.
Prioritize Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) alignment when finding contacts. This ensures relevance and increases the likelihood of successful engagements.

3 - Creating a perfect, short to the point email copy

Personalize the subject line and test it; ensure it does not exceed five words.
Keep your email body short and crisp, ideally up to 125 words.
Start with a brief opening email that highlights one or two pain points you solve for the prospects.

Follow up 2-3 times, increasing engagement in each follow-up by showcasing value.
Incorporate case studies or testimonials in your follow-up emails to demonstrate success and credibility.
Conclude your sequence by asking if the prospects are interested, or if you should be contacting someone else, especially if you haven't received a reply.

Use Spintax - to make your content dynamic.
Always include an unsubscribe link, allowing prospects to opt out easily, preventing them from marking your emails as spam.

4 - Email Sending volume

Limit the number of emails sent to each inbox to no more than 50 per day. Sending fewer emails yields better results. offers connecting unlimited email accounts, so one can connect multiple accounts and send 50 emails per day per inbox and easily scale up. One can also use our “Inbox Rotation” feature.

5 - Mandatory email warmups

To improve your email reputation, gradually boost the volume of emails you send.
Use to efficiently warm up your email accounts, essential for building a robust email reputation.
Make sure to always start you campaigns on the soft-start

6 - Plain text emails vs designed-html templates:

Plain text is preferred if you are cold emailing, especially for sales, cause it makes the emails look personal to the recipients, and hence better received.

However, you may try designed HTML templates and see if they work better for you.

Put yourself in the shoes of a prospect (recipient), and see if the email finally looks like its sent personally and is not a mass email.

7 - Reading level and positivity:

Use simple, straightforward language in the email, and keep the tone positive. Simple, positive emails are more likely to get responses.