Launching a new campaign? Follow these points for a seamless review

SmartReach automatically puts new campaigns by new orgs under review. This is done in order to check if users are not spamming using our system.

For a seamless review, please make sure that you meet the points below:

  • Please ensure that your content does not contain any spammy phrases, words, sentences.
  • Please make sure that your prospect list you have uploaded does not constitute of free emails(@gmai, @yahoo, @aol etc.)
  • Please ensure that you are not spamming by sending too many emails
  • Be cautious when including links or attachments in your email. Ensure that they are relevant and trustworthy. Avoid using shortened URLs as they are likely associated with spam.
  • Check if the email domain is not blacklisted, we take domain blacklisting very seriously and we wont allow you to run campaigns from a blacklisted email - (Mx Tool Box - To check your blacklists)
  • Please ensure on all the points on what is needed to be done in order to avoid your emails going into spam, click here

Apart from these make sure that you are following the best practices to write a cold email, click here to learn more on some best practices.