Setting Up SPF For Office 365 accounts

Setting up SPF for Office 365 accounts :

Step 1: Open your DNS Manager website. This is typically your Godaddy, Namecheap where your domain is hosted.

Step 2: Once you are on this page, you should goto the domain on which you want to set up SPF. After selecting the domain, you should find the Manage DNS or Manage button and click on it.

You would need to add a TXT record for SPF.

Step 3: Click Add and select type as TXT record.

Step 4: Add hostname as @ and value as v=spf1 -all

Note : If you already have this and Spam test report in still shows this as an error, click to expand the spam test report in Spam Test Report

Step A: You would find two values in the messages section in the SPF error:

What we have retained as your current SPF record is

And what it should be changed to

Step B: Copy the entire value in the what it should be changed to section.

Step C: Open your DNS records and click on Manage

Step D: Click on your TXT record with an existing SPF record to edit and paste the value that you have copied from Step B.

Step E: Save and wait for 30 mins to 48 hours before the value is propagated across and reflects in the next spam test