Problems that SmartReach Shared Inbox is solving

Reduction in Cost & Increase in ROI

Ease of access to multiple inboxes and switching between clients from a single sign-on gives Team members the flexibility to manage 2x more accounts/clients. Team members can also use it as their primary inbox.

Transparency in Team member Communications

With access to all prospect communication, Team Managers, Team Admins, or Agency Heads can ensure that the defined quality, turn around time, and other service level standards are adhered to by Team members.

Ensure Interested Replies Don't Get Missed

Interested replies from the prospect’s company could be missed due to constant juggle between inboxes. Shared inbox provides a separate tab for replies other than (non) prospects.

Collaboration on Complex Sales Process

Enterprise sales teams have multiple stakeholders dealing with multiple personnel from the prospective client side. Being part of a common shared inbox would enhance collaboration within the Enterprise Sales Team.

Safe for Browsing

When an email account is being logged in from various devices, targeting that account becomes easier. It would also make the company a victim of a breach caused by different sources.
In a scenario, when an employee loses their device or the device gets hacked, then sensitive and critical information related to the business would land up in the hands of strangers, which is not an ideal situation.


An issue that arises specifically in the case of remote work locations and when team members in different time zones. Companies with large teams need to figure out the source of their workload and the way it should be distributed among the team members & also figure out the set skills required.

In a common inbox, it would be difficult to trace the action taken as a result important conversations might get missed out or result in prospect collisions. Whereas a shared mailbox would keep a track of each email that comes and goes out. A shared mailbox would also showcase the contribution made by each team member.

Limitations with the Platforms

The next issue that comes up is with platform limitations. Email apps have a fixed number of devices that can be logged into the email id at the same time without being flagged. If the entire team logs in through the app then it might cause a potential breach especially if logged from a different geographical location.