Steps To integrate Your Email

How do I connect an email account with ?

When you login to, one of the basic steps to get started with your cold email campaigns is to connect your account with an email-id.

You can do this from multiple places on

A. When you start a new campaign
B. Adding an account from Settings

A. While creating a new campaign

Step 1: Click on Create a New Campaign

Step 2: Click on Send emails from and Add a new email account

Step 3: Select an email account you wish to integrate.

For the benefit of some users we have also given an option to receive emails to a different account than the sending email address.

If you wish to use a different email address for receiving email than sending, you can click on Receive Replies to button and click on Add new email account

B. Adding an email account from Settings

Step 1: Go to Settings --> Team Settings.

Step 2: Click on Add Email Account

Step 3: Select an Email Service provider you want to send or receive emails from.

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