Multichannel Outreach

What is Multichannel Outreach?

A multi-channel outreach is a strategy of reaching potential customers or clients through multiple channels, such as email, social media, and phone. It also entails social media outreach activities such as viewing a profile on Linkedin etc. This ensures maximum coverage and increases the chances of connecting with prospects.

What are the benefits of multichannel outreach?

Increased response rates: By using multiple channels, you increase the chances of reaching your target audience, even if they don't see your message on one channel. Thereby increasing the chance to get responses from prospects.

Greater flexibility: A multi-channel approach allows you to reach your audience in a variety of ways, which can be tailored to their preferences and needs. Basically, reaching out on a channel the prospect prefers.

Improved personalization: With a multi-channel approach, you can use the information you have about your target audience to personalize your outreach efforts, which can increase engagement and conversion rates.

Better tracking and measurement: With a multi-channel approach, you can track and measure the success of your outreach efforts across multiple channels, which can help you make adjustments and improvements.

Increased brand awareness: Reaching your prospects through multiple channels increases the chances of building brand awareness and familiarity.

Account based targeting: Target multiple personas (eg Manager, Director, CXO) through multiple channels and campaigns.

What are the multiple channels for sale outreach on SmartReach currently available?

SmartReach uses the following communication channels for its multichannel outreach. These channels could be set up in one sequence or separate sequences based on the channel.

1. Email Sequences: Sending email is a widely used and accepted form of business communication. A cold email sequence refers to a series of automated emails sent to a specific group of prospects over a period of time. The sequence of emails to a prospect stops if a response is received.

2. LinkedIn Outreach Task: The Chrome extension for multichannel outreach allows you to connect with potential prospects using the following LinkedIn features:

i) Send Linkedin Connect Request,
ii) Send Linkedin Message
iii) View Linkedin Profile,
iv) Sending an In-Mail.

3. Send WhatsApp Message: The majority of people use WhatsApp, so sending a WhatsApp message is likely to get a response, increasing the chances of a deal closing.

4. Send SMS: The Send SMS feature helps with contacting prospects directly through their mobile number. This option could be used when no response is received even after follow-up a prospect via above mentioned all 3 outreach channels. Currently, the SMS feature is manual.

5. Calls: Calling can also help you to better understand the needs of the prospect and tailor your message to better meet those needs. It also allows you to verify contact information, which can increase your chances of reaching the right person and getting a response. This option could be used when no response is received even after follow-up a prospect via above mentioned all 4 outreach channels. Currently, the Call feature is manual.