Cheat Sheet : Best time to send emails

What is basically the best time and why to look for a best time ?

Finding the best time to send emails can greatly affect open rates and engagement. Tailor your send times to maximise opens and enhance your email marketing impact.

Best practices for best time to send:

1- Behavioural Data:

-Analyse past email performance data to identify patterns in open rates and engagement
-Based on the time of day and day of the week
-SmartReach provides a dedicated reports that indicates the best time to send, based on your campaigns.

2-Time Zone Considerations:

-If your audience spans multiple time zones, schedule emails to reach recipients during their local business hours for optimal engagement.
-SmartReach provides advanced email sending and send emails only in your prospects timezone.

3-Morning Hours:

-Emails sent early in the morning (around 8-11 AM) often have higher open rates as recipients check their emails at the start of their workday.

4-Mid-Week vs. Weekends:

-Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays tend to perform well, avoiding the Monday rush and end-of-week fatigue. However, weekends can sometimes be effective for certain audiences.

5-Avoiding Busy Periods:

-Steer clear of sending emails during holidays, major events, or peak vacation times when recipients may be less likely to engage.

6-Seasonal Trends:

-Adjust your email sending times based on seasonal changes or holidays that may impact recipient availability and engagement.

7-Promotional Campaigns:

-Align email sends with specific promotional events or sales periods to maximise response rates.