Common FAQ's Related to the Shared Inbox

1. What is the difference between shared inbox & group email?

The key difference between a shared inbox & group email are functions such as collaboration & distribution. A shared inbox is where multiple team members collaboratively manage inquiries or responses from prospects. A group email is a dedicated email used for mass communication purposes like for an announcement or meeting information or holiday declaration etc.

2. Which business can use SmartReach Shared Inbox?

Shared Inbox would be ideal for enterprise sales, sales agencies or lead generation agencies. Primarily, agencies or businesses for whom inbound sales, outbound sales or account based sales are part of the sales process. A shared inbox encourages transparency, responsible organisational culture and provides visibility across the system. Customer Success, Human Resources teams (HR), Recruiting Agencies, can also use the shared inbox to engage with prospects or candidates that show interest in their products or services.

3. Why should a Sales Agency or Enterprise decide to use SmartReach Shared Inbox?

An enterprise or agency should start using a shared inbox for the following reasons

- Track and maintain quality and SLA standards
- Need Team members to manage more accounts
- Increase in Productivity
- Increase in ROI
- Increase sales inquiry response time
- Improved team collaboration
- Collaboration of complex sales processes
- Reduce Sales Cycles
- Avoid Prospect Collision
- Avoid team conflict over the onus of prospect

4. How is a Shared Inbox better than a common email account used by the team?

A common question may arise instead of a shared inbox, why not use a common email, to which the whole sales team would have access?

Sharing credentials with the entire team might be helpful in the short run but it is not a good, growth mentality for the company. As the list of daily tasks increases, day-to-day work life would need to be organised. When account credentials are being shared there are certain security concerns that come into the picture.

5. How do I switch Between Team Inboxes in my Agency account?

SmartReach has made the switch in the inboxes very seamless, agencies can switch among the teams from the top drop down while they are viewing the Inbox.


6. Can I Assign Roles to the team members?

Yes, while setting up any inbox you can choose whom you’d want your inbox to share with, you can choose to select admins, members and owners or select all.

7. How to add Non Prospects as Prospects?

You can add the contacts from the Non Prospects to your prospects and then add them to your campaigns. From the inbox, you will find a user details try, you can add the email as a prospect from there.