Campaign Paused - Review for High Bounces

When a campaign receives too many bounces, automatically pauses the campaign.

This is done in order to protect the sender's email reputation. As, too many bounces can ruin the email and the domain health and the other emails might simply go to spam.

The bounces happen due to many reasons:

Emails generally bounce because of many reasons.

  • Not having an updated Prospect list
  • Reaching out to non-business emails
  • Reaching out to emails where emails are blocked at an organisational level, they do not support emails from anyone outside of their organisation specially healthcare based organisations, government based organisations etc.
  • The content you are sending might have been marked as spam a few times and your emails are not being delivered to all prospects now and hence bouncing.

How to get you campaigns running again?

If your campaigns are blocked then you need to rework your campaigns. You must implement certain changes in your campaigns:

  • Cleaning the Email List - Over time, the email list may get populated with inactive & hard bounced ids. It is a best practice to clean the list and keep it active and healthy. Note: If you witness a lot of email bounces from a specific domain. Make a note and ensure that you eliminate email from this domain during your email list clean up
  • Do not use any attachments.
  • Use verified domain - Email ids of the verified business domain should be used instead of free email service providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, Orkut, and etc.)
  • Blacklist Check- Check if the email domain is not blacklisted, we take domain blacklistings very seriously and we wont allow you to run campaigns from a blacklisted email - (Mx Tool Box - To check your blacklists)
  • Run a Spam Test - Check your SPF and DKIM status in our SPAM Test Report
  • Campaign Content - Avoid using keywords that could trigger spam filters. This document contains a list of commonly used keywords and phrases that possibly trigger spam filters
  • Sending Volume: Send emails in lower volumes, keep your sending below 150 emails per day, per email account.
  • Our free email validation feature automatically blocks the sending of emails that are not verified. Do not force push blocked email IDs unless absolutely sure that the email is valid.
  • Best practices for writing effective cold email campaigns have been covered in this document (Click Here)

Once you have implemented these changes, please contact our support team via email([email protected]) or chat, our team will review your campaign again and enable it for you.