Common Issues With Office365 Emails

Notes on common Office365 related issues

All emails are getting rejected with the message: "5.7.708 Access denied, traffic not accepted from this IP"

The IP in question belongs to Microsoft. uses the Microsoft API to send out emails.

We've seen this error happen with Outlook subscriptions that are in trial, or with newly subscribed Outlook accounts.

If you have signed up for your outlook account on Microsoft's website directly:

If your Outlook subscription is in trial, we have seen this problem go away on just taking up a paid subscription with them. We suggest you talk to Microsoft support before you do that as they are best positioned to help you resolve this problem.

Microsoft actually talks about this exact error in their documentation, click here to access.

From the Microsoft documentation link above: "This error can happen when you are trying out a Microsoft 365 trial tenant. If you receive this error before you can purchase licenses, contact support to request an exception for the low reputation IP address until you're able to purchase licenses."

If you bought this email on GoDaddy, then we have observed that enabling forwarding can fix this issue. You can learn how to do that, click here to access the support for the same.