How To Assign Multiple Inboxes In A Campaign?

While creating any SmartReach campaign during the channel setup step we need to add/assign multiple inboxes to a specific campaign. Please follow the mentioned instruction set for the same:

Step-1: During the campaign creation process, navigate to Channel Setup. Under the email section, start by selecting the primary sending email account as mentioned below:

This is the step-1 image refrence for assigning multiple inboxes in a campaign

Step-2: Click on the + icon.

This is the step-2 image refrence for assigning multiple inboxes in a campaign

Step-3: Next, click on Add emails.

Step-4: Select another email account that will be used as another sending email account/inbox and also initiate further changes under “Max emails per day from each sender email” which is 50 now and we can make it up to 500. For instance, if you set the max emails per day to 100 and you have 10 emails, you would be sending a total of 1000 emails per day.

Once it’s done click on Save Changes.

Your campaign will now use multiple inboxes, and the emails will be sent randomly. It's important to note that we can't specify which prospects will receive emails from specific sending accounts; the distribution will be entirely random.

To get more clarity here: If we have 100 prospects, 5 rotating email IDs, and a maximum of 20 emails per day from each sender email, SmartReach will select them randomly. Each email ID will then reach out to 20 prospects in a random manner.