Reconnect Google Workspace With App Specific Password

Google has recently made updates on how emails can be sent from third-parties via their service. This has caused certain problems across lots of tools that make use of the earlier Gmail integration flow.

In case you feel there are any issues with campaigns from your Gmail account, we recommend you try reconnecting that account via the Gmail App-specific Password flow.

"Do not delete the Google Workspace account and re-integrate, just reconnect the existing Google Workspace account"

We have made this switch to the Gmail App-specific password flow very simple for you. You can see the steps in this video:

To reiterate the steps:

  1. You need to create an App-specific Password on Google Workspace for refer to this article:
  2. Go to Settings -> Team Settings -> Email Accounts -> click on email -> Edit email settings -> Reconnect -> Select "Reconnect using App-specific password" and save the newly created App-specific password. The above video outlines these steps.

This should solve any issues you may have been facing. You may have to do this for all Google Workspace emails to be safe.