SmartReach Calling FAQs

  1. Is calling available on the Sales Engagement plan?
  • Yes, calling is a feature included in the Sales Engagement plan. However, it's important to note that making calls and acquiring a phone number may incur additional costs for the user. Specific call rates apply, varying from country to country.

  1. Can I connect my number with my SmartReach account?
  • No, to call your prospects you'd need to buy a number from the system. Personal numbers can't be connected.

  1. How is calling charged?
  • The calling amount is charged on the basis of your usage. You can top up your account with call credits and consume that for making calls. The call tariffs vary from country to country, so make sure you check our pricing page for calls.

  1. Can I record my calls using SmartReach?
  • Yes, SmartReach offers call recording features. You can enable this option to record your calls for later review. The recordings are available within the prospects activity section.

  1. Can I use SmartReach for conference calls or group calling?
  • Yes, you can use our team collaborative features for conference calls. Features like "bargin", "whispering" and "listening" to calls is also there to improve team collaboration.

  1. Does SmartReach have restrictions in calling to some countries?