Add To Do Not Contact List

How to blacklist emails/domains from receiving future emails?

If you wish to blacklist a particular prospect or even the entire domain from receiving emails in future, you can add them to Do not contact list.

Method 1- Adding to DNC from prospects section:

You can do this by going to the Prospects page in your account and search for the particular domain or prospect. Select the prospects --> goto actions in the top right-hand side --> change category --> change it to Do not contact

On the next screen please change it to Do not contact.


Method 2- Adding specific Domains & emails in the DNC:

You can also do this by going to the Settings page in your account and go to "Do not contact list". Press Add button and you can get two options either to add contacts via domain or mark a complete Domain under the Do Not Contact list.

You can add multiple emails here, each email separated with a comma, the emails added here will not be contacted further in your campaigns.

You can add any particular Domain into the DNC list, and prospects from that specific domain will not be contacted further.

However, if you have an exception email from that particular domain, you can add them in the Exception emails list.

Please note if you have added some prospects in your account and if you have the emails in the DNC list, then those emails will automatically be marked under Do Not Contact.