What Is Custom Tracking Domain & Why Is It Used?

Let's say you have the link in your email, for example, freshstartincome.com

If you want to track which prospects are clicking that link, you can enable Click Tracking under Campaign Settings --> Additional Settings

SmartReach Custom Tracking Domain

So, when SmartReach.io sends your emails to prospects, to be able to track those clicks, it will replace your original link with a SmartReach.io link for example srmailerapp.com/yourlink, so that it can know exactly when and who clicked the link.

Now, if you don't want the prospect to see the SmartReach.io domain in your links (srmailerapp.com), you can enable Custom Tracking Domain. Once that is enabled, the links in the emails will look like email.freshstartincome.com/yourlink instead of srmailerapp.com/yourlink

Using custom tracking domains isn't mandatory but having one will help in building sending reputation. Custom tracking domains would give your recipients confidence that the email is from you and not someone pretending to be you.