How Does Track Email Opens and Clicks?

How Tracks a Sent Email

How does email open tracking work?

Open tracking places a transparent image pixel in your emails that can detect that when an email has been opened by a recipient. As a recipient clicks on the email, the image gets opened and hence tracked.
Although this is the most reliable way of tracking opens, it is not 100% accurate. As sometimes email bots register these opens and the email open is tracked. Secondly, many email service providers don’t always load images on the email open and hence the email open is not tracked.

You can view your report to see the email opens in your campaigns. On an average if a campaign has 30% above open rates, then it is considered to be good.

How does click tracking work for the links in an email?

When click tracking is enabled for an email campaign, adds tracking information to each click-through URL. Each time a contact clicks a link in the campaign, the tracking information redirects them through servers and sends them to the intended web address. That redirect through our server is logged in your campaign report as a click.

Enabling the click tracking might sometimes hamper your email reputation. The links are redirected to a different link which is sometimes analysed by the email service providers and the data sometimes is not 100% accurate.

Information related to click tracking is available in your reports.



Click tracking is not 100% accurate. The reason for this is that many email inboxes are set up with certain security measures to check if an email has links that are unsafe for them. This triggers click tracking and it is not possible to identify such cases all the time. This is true for all the tools in this space and is a challenge that no tool can solve in 100% cases. For extremely sensitive workflows, we advise not to use click tracking as a primary source.