Native calling by - SmartReach PowerCaller

SmartReach provides a smooth calling feature, allowing users to connect with their prospects directly through our extension. This functionality enables users to make calls directly from the platform, expediting lead conversion.

Key Features:

1)Power Dialer: Focused approach for sales reps to quickly complete daily assigned cold calls.

2)Campaign Call Script: Add a call script to ensure your reps stay on course and deliver the sales pitch effectively.

3)Call Forwarding: Seamlessly redirect calls to a mobile number of your choice so you don't miss callbacks when you are on the move.

4)Personalized Caller ID: Ability to display a personalized calling number to prospects instead of the actual app dialer number.

5)Call Recording: Record all calls for self-assessment and coaching.

6)Call Sentiment: Categorize tagged call dispositions to get positive or negative insights into your calling campaigns

7)Listen, Barge-in & Whisper: Manage call quality with real-time coaching to address concerns or manage objections on live calls and close deals.

8)Call Task Manager: Manage & supervise your calling tasks. Get timely reminders for upcoming calls, with the flexibility to snooze or reschedule

Learn About

To set up calls for your multi-channel outreach, please refer to the articles provided below. These guides will offer a comprehensive walkthrough on setting up the account and how to make calls using