Office 365 - Resolution for Bad Outbound Senders

Why were the campaign(s) paused? analysed your "sent" campaign emails and the bounced message responses from your email service "Microsoft Outlook", and found that Microsoft is rejecting your emails with the message "Access denied, bad outbound sender". To protect your email reputation, has auto-paused the affected campaign(s).

What should you do next?

There could be multiple reasons for this occurrence. Below are a few action points which we recommend you address at the earliest.
1. Microsoft has a concept of restricted users: - 

2. Please read the above two links nicely. We request you to get in touch with your email account admin (or if you are the admin yourself) to remove yourself from the restricted users list. Do have this checked at your end.

3. Apart from this - it could still be possible that your emails are going to SPAM. This happens if previously even 1% or more of the prospects have marked your emails as spam. To improve this our general suggestions are:-

- Keep your emails short, crisp and more personalized

- Use an unsubscribe link in all emails.

Please check that you are meeting the above 2 points.