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Boost your sales outreach with our Cold Email Masterclass! Dive deep into topics like crafting the perfect email, boosting deliverability, and tracking essential sales email metrics. Don't miss out.

You are on your way to automating your outreach to prospective customers. Let us begin on how you can achieve this using

We shall discuss all the things necessary for you to start setting up your campaigns in We want to take you through this the way we generally give a demo. Everything with regard to can be found in the following topics:

  1. Managing Teams -- How to add more team members and manage roles and permissions
  2. Steps to integrate your email -- How to integrate your email accounts and other tech details
  3. Campaign Creation Steps -- How to create campaigns, when to send them and all the options
  4. Prospect Management -- How to manage prospects, add them to
    different campaigns.
  5. CRM Integrations and Workflow Management -- Integrating your CRM account, how to get prospect data from CRM and how send email activity data to CRM
  6. Reports -- Learn how your campaigns are performing and how you can report
  7. Find email addresses of your prospects -- Learn how to find email addresses of prospects using different tools that we integrate with
  8. Email Deliverability Improvement -- Learn how to improve deliverability of your emails.
  9. Various Settings options -- Learn about various settings in
  10. Billing -- Learn how to add new users, upgrade your account, change subscription plans.
  11. Managing an Agency -- Learn how to manage agency accounts and how to switch between clients.
  12. Email Rotation-- Discover how to send emails from various email accounts within a SmartReach campaign.