Other Calling Functionalities

In this article, you will explore the enhanced calling experience with SmartReach.io, featuring functionalities like: listening, whisper, barge, and call Recording.

In sales, talking with customers is super important for success. SmartReach knows that making good calls is a big part of building good connections with customers. That's why SmartReach has some helpful features to make your calls better and helps users to enhance productivity and team collaboration.

Here are some important features that comes with calling:

Listening: When users are making calls from SmartReach, the account admins or other team members can ‘listen’ to the conversation with a prospect

Whisper: In addition to listening, the 'Whisper' feature allows account admins or team members to provide guidance or tips to the user making the call without the prospect hearing.

Barge: The 'Barge' functionality permits account admins or team members to join the ongoing call, actively participating and contributing to the conversation with the prospect.

Record Calls : SmartReach also provides the option to record calls, enabling users to save and capture important discussions for future reference and analysis.