Managing an Agency

This section will have everything you need to know about managing your agency in
You will learn how easy it is manage multiple clients without having to login and logout of each clients account. You can also know everything about all your clients email campaigns at one place with our agency dashboard.

Once you have seen the overall performance of all your clients you can get into any clients account to see in detail their campaigns progress.

You will also learn about
Adding a new client to your agency account -- adding clients to your account (Add multiple team members also during your free 14 day trial)
Enable/disable teams and what are its effects from agency dashboard and user management -- enable and disable teams
Inviting team members to manage a clients campaign -- Add & assign members to different teams
Edit role of a member -- Edit role of a member
Edit permissions for a role -- Edit permissions of a role
Switching between Teams -- Switching between multiple clients accounts seamlessly