Prospect Categories

How to add new or update Prospect Categories ?

A Prospect category is a label that you can assign to a prospect based on the response of the prospect to your email campaigns.

By default, creates 9 Prospect Categories. admins can add more categories to better fit their workflow, for example to sync categories with current Lead/Contact Statuses in their CRMs.

Across all 9 initial categories, 5 cannot be edited and are default categories on The remaining can be edited for their name and colour tag.

How to add a new Prospect Category ?

You can add a new category by clicking on the Add Prospect Category button ( note that the name of the prospect category cannot be more than 15 characters)

Give a name to the category and choose an appropriate color tag and then click on Save.

How to edit a Prospect Category ?

You can edit Prospect Categories by going to Settings --> Prospect Categories and edit the category you wish to edit.

Note : If you want to delete an existing category you can assign it to another category during the deletion process.