Inbox Rotation FAQs

What is Inbox rotation?

Inbox rotation, or email rotation, means sending emails from different email addresses instead of just one. This helps you avoid reaching email sending limits, increases the likelihood of your emails ending up in inboxes rather than spam folders, and lets you handle various sender identities for different outreach campaigns or team members.

Does Inbox rotation improve email deliverability?

Certainly!When we send emails from different addresses instead of just one, it helps us avoid getting flagged as spam.This is because sending too many messages from a single address can be seen as suspicious, doing this helps us to maintain the sender positive reputation and makes it more likely that your emails will end up in the main inbox.

Can I add multiple email domains for sending from one campaign?

Certainly! You're allowed to include several email domains when sending from a single campaign.

What are the best practices for maintaining a healthy sending reputation when sending emails across your rotational mailboxes?

To keep a good reputation when sending emails to different inboxes, make sure your emails have useful content, don't use spammy language, and respond quickly to requests to stop receiving emails.

What types of email platforms support rotation in SmartReach?

SmartReach natively supports inbox rotation for popular email platforms such as Google Workspace, Office 365, SendGrid, Mailgun, Rediffmail, NameCheap, Amazon SES, and SMTP/IMAP-based email accounts.

What happens if an email account can't send emails due to any issues?

If there's a problem with an email account, the campaign will pause for the prospects scheduled to receive emails from that account. Once the issue has been resolved, the campaign will automatically resume for those prospects.

How many rotating inbox accounts can I include in a campaign?

Currently, you can add up to 25 sender email accounts in a SmartReach campaign.

Is there an additional cost associated with using inbox rotation in SmartReach?

No, this is already included in your SmartReach subscription.

Can we track the performance of different inboxes?

Certainly! It's possible to monitor the performance of different inboxes. You can use monitoring and reporting features to keep track of how each sender's email account is doing such as send email volume, bounce rates, and response rates.