Setting Up DKIM For Office 365 accounts

Step 1: Open DNS settings and click on Manage Button

Step 2: Add a CNAME record with host name as : selector1._domainkey
Points to = selector1-[yourdomain]-com._domainkey.[yourdomain]
TTL = 1 hour or 3600

Step 3: Add another CNAME record with hostname as : selector2._domainkey
Points to = selector2-[yourdomain]-com._domainkey.[yourdomain]
TTL = 1 hour or 3600

Step 4: Once you save these two records wait for 24 to 48 hours

If your DKIM is still not set up it is most likely an issue from Microsoft and it can’t be resolved by the team.

From what we have seen for 50% of domains the above steps work while for the others it doesn’t. However, we haven’t seen significant changes in deliverability after this