Cheat Sheet : Bounce Shield

What is Bounce Shield ?

It involves strategies and practices aimed at managing bounce rates effectively to improve email deliverability.

Why is a Bounce Shield necessary ?

Implementing a Bounce Shield strategy reduces bounce rates, maintains a clean email list, and improves deliverability, enhancing sender reputation and ensuring inbox placement.

Best Practices for Bounce shield:

1-Use verified emails:

-Make sure (Input - Email validation)

2-Regular List Cleaning:

-Regularly clean your email list to remove hard bounces and inactive subscribers.

3-Monitor and Analyse:

-Regularly monitor bounce rates to identify trends or recurring issues.

4-Monitor Sender Reputation:

-Maintain a good sender reputation by consistently sending relevant and engaging content to active subscribers, use email warmup tools to improve your email reputation.
-Check you domain/IPs regularly to ensure that they are not under blacklist. Contact your domain providers if you end up in a blacklist. Check regularly check your domain/IPs blacklist on MX tool box

5-Choose a Reliable Email Service Provider (ESP):

-Ensure the ESP supports authentication protocols (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) to enhance deliverability.
-Use reputed ESP like google workspace, office365 etc.

6- Bounce Shield via SmartReach

-SmartReach provides automatic bounce detection and pauses email sending if an email account recieves over 15% bounce in a day