FAQ - Multichannel

Do I need to have a Linkedin profile to use multichannel?

In order to use the multichannel outreach features of Linkedin, a Linkedin profile is required, but not for the rest of the outreach channels such as emails, SMS, Whatsapp messages, and calls.

Do I need a Sales navigator account to use multichannel outreach?

Not necessary. You could use the Linkedin outreach feature even with a free or premium Linkedin account.

How many requests for connections on LinkedIn can I send per day?

Your type of Linkedin subscription will determine the number of LinkedIn connection requests that could be sent daily. LinkedIn free accounts are permitted up to 50 requests per day, while LinkedIn Premium users could send up to 125 requests daily and LinkedIn Sales Navigator users can send up to 200 to 225.

These limits are set by Linkedin and could be changed by Linkedin anytime

What is my daily limit for sending Linkedin messages and connection requests in SmartReach?

It is recommended that you set limits within the ambit of your Linkedin subscription limit as mentioned above. Linkedin temporarily blocks Users that violate their policies.

Can I use LinkedIn Inmail service if I don’t have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account?

InMail messaging feature is available to all paid Linkedin plans such as Linkedin Premium (Essential, Pro, Business), Recruiter Lite, Sales Navigator etc and, it allows you to directly message another LinkedIn member that you're not connected to.

Basic (free) accounts can only message only 1st connection LinkedIn members.

An InMail message has a max 2000 character limit.

These limits are set by Linkedin and could be changed by Linkedin anytime

What if I don’t have a chrome browser, will I be still able to use SmartReach multichannel outreach feature?

Chrome browser is a must-have for SmartReach multichannel outreach, without Chrome browser, you will not be able to use multichannel outreach.

Is it possible to schedule and automate multichannel Linkedin outreach in Smartreach?

Scheduling of multichannel Linkedin tasks is possible. The task shows up as a reminder on the scheduled date and time in SmartReach Task Manager.

SmartReach users will then manually complete each activity. It is designed in a focused manner which ensures that all activities are completed in a few mins.

Path: Select your SmartReach campaign → Settings → Schedule → On the next screen you can initiate the further setup here.

Is there a time frame & priority available for tasks?

A due date option is available to complete each multichannel outreach task along with the option to set the priority of the particular task. Tasks can be completed based on the date & priority level.

Does SmartReach’s multichannel software for Linkedin automation support drips?

Presently, this Linkedin automation software supports only sequences. Drips are currently under development and shall be supported in the coming months.