Billing FAQ

1) What are the different Pricing plans of ?

You can find all the pricing plans here :

2) Can I pause my subscription?

You can cancel your paid subscription on and upgrade it again at any time in the future. We retain all your data for 3 months.

If you cancel it in the middle of a billing cycle you can still continue to use the service till the end of the billing cycle. You would not be charged from the next billing cycle.

3) Do I need a credit card to sign-up on provides a 14-day free trial for all users to explore and understand the tool. Once you feel comfortable using and understand its features, you can upgrade to a paid plan by paying through a Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, or any other credit / debit card.

4) Do I need to pay for an additional email account if I use a different "Receive replies to" email account ?

No, you are not billed for the reply-to email accounts. You only pay for the contacted prospect capacity. One can add upto 25 inboxes in a campaign once they are a paying customer whereas during trial you can add upto 3 inboxes.

5) I have a Trial / Inactive account and I want to Upgrade my plan. How can I do that ?

You can upgrade your account anytime from Trial / Free to a Standard or Ultimate account, even after your trial expires.

Step 1. Just go to Settings -> Billing -> click on Upgrade to paid plan

Step 2. Select the appropriate plan according to your use. You can compare each of the paid plans here

Step 3. Select your payment method and number of email accounts you wish to send from, and click on Proceed to pay.

Step 4. Enter your Credit Card details like Card Number, Expiry, CVC, and address and complete the payment process. Your account will get upgraded to a paid plan within few minutes.

Refer to this link to understand our pricing better:

6) What is my next renewal date?

To check your next renewal date, you will have to goto Settings --> Billing --> Subscriptions

7) What if I upgrade/add to a new plan before my next billing cycle?

If you upgrade to a new plan or add sending email accounts before your next billing cycle then you will be charged in a prorated method.

i.e. - If you subscribe to the pro plan for $149 on 1st of jan then you will be charged only for 10 days if the billing cycle is on 10th Jan.