Product Release Note - August 2022

✨ New & Improved

  • Holiday Calendar Scheduling: It's an exception(s) list of days (specific date or date range) for which you do not want to send emails. Applied based on the recipient's time zone or on fallback timezone, if the time zone is not available. Owners only can create the holiday calendar.

      Settings --> Prospect Setting --> Sending Holiday Calendar --> Add New Sending Holiday

  • Payments by Amex (American Express) for non-Indian transactions (international payments) are now possible.

  • Duplicate Prospect Detection: To ensure that duplication of prospects does not happen at a campaign level, select the appropriate option in the "Add List Name" section during upload CSV(prospect).

  • New Email Client Integrations: Easy integrations with Amazon SES, Namecheap, and Rediff are now available. Follow either of the options for integrating successfully.

    Option 1:

       Campaign -> Create Your First Campaign  -> Add a new email account -> Choose your Service Provider

    Option 2:

       Settings -> Team Setting -> Email Account -> Add an email account -> Choose your Service Provider

🛠 Fixes & Updates

  • Login Flow: Few Users were shown a blank screen on login. The bug was identified and fixed.
  • Pipedrive Integration: Few bugs were fixed making the integration flow more seamless and robust.