Product Release Note - Mid August 2022

✨ New & Improved

Hot Prospects Report: Provides a list of prospects that engaged with your campaign in the last one or two weeks. You could now start a new task or campaign targeting only hot prospects. This feature is available only with the Ultimate & Agency plans.

The report is detailed. At its crux, the report provides various metrics wrt opens, clicks, and replies. It shall soon have an engagement score with prospects being ranked as per the defined score.

To get an in-depth understanding of Hot Prospects Reports click here.

🛠 Bugs & Improvements

  1. Faster Loading of Agency Dashboard - Agency dashboard loads faster providing an option for quicker interaction.
  2. Information Tips - Graphical user interface elements (tooltips) have been added at multiple locations within the app which provides users with relevant information about a feature or button. This will help with the onboarding of new team members.