Product Release Note - February 2023

✨ New & Improved

SmartReach Shared Inbox for Sales - This feature provides the option to manage multiple inboxes with single sign-on. The replies are categorized into prospects and non-prospects which helps the sales team to keep a better track of the responses and inquiries received, this in turn helps to respond to inquiries faster. The reply sentiment separates the positive and negative replies, showing the sales pipeline's overall health.
Shared Inbox helps in increasing transparency between the team and improves team collaboration. It increases the overall productivity of the sales teams and increases ROI.

🛠 Fixes & Updates

  • Faster Campaign Scheduler - Campaign start time now takes less than 30 minutes as compared to the previous load time which used to take more than 45 minutes

  • Smoother Workflow Automation - Report and sync with CRMs have become much faster and smoother now.

  • Improved API Load Time - The load time of the pages such as the inbox page, report page, and global prospect page now loads much faster.